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                    11. 65.A man stronger than me is trying.I have no reason not to.

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                      those8. regard hard work as the necessity of life, even if there is no expectation of harvest also calmly continue.113. The worst enemy is the lack of strong faith. Roman Roland80. Parents give that is called background, their own fight is called Jiangshan.31. Only those who are down-to-earth can say: The road is at my feet.

                      28. A letter is better than a book. ?D?D?D Mencius

                      96. A lot of good things are waiting, not snatching, but waiting requires patience. When we lose patience, it is also when we pass by happiness. But anyone who has patience can often laugh to the end.89. People are always trying to cherish what not available and forget what they have.Like happiness, suffering is the flower of life.49. Nothing can be done in the world without ambition.31. Faith in success plays a role in the human brain like an alarm clock, which wakes you up when you need it.87. Meet some people, know some things, can understand and cherish, can see their own direction.85. Two of the most difficult things to forget in the world are meeting and forgetting.56. Only through the most painful persistence is worthy of the longest happiness. What really makes you fall is not your opponent, but your heart of despair!Time :2020-02-0123:00 Source: Click: Numbe

                      74. Where the trees are scarred is also the hardest part of the tree trunk; and where we are bruised, we become the strongest recipe ever. Morning!54.I'm a wonderful person, why run into other people's lives for interlude.28. Reading should have a sense of feeling, a sense of appreciation, good words to others, to be able to integrate and put into practice.3. Baojian Feng from honed out, plum fragrance from the bitter cold.78. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.theshortcuttolearning,italsomustbediligent. if there are shortcuts to learning, it must also be diligence.55. Today's efforts are intended to pave the way for future happiness.50. He must sleep long before death.96. A lot of good things are waiting, not snatching, but waiting requires patience. When we lose patience, it is also when we pass by happiness. But anyone who has patience can often laugh to the end.32. The glow of fireflies, though weak, is a challenge to darkness.17.A man has no worries, but he has no worries.92. Thank God for making me lonely and suffering from my soul.13. You can do what others can.


                      66. Overcome fear, not retreat. Losers let them fail, winners create success. Victory belongs to the toughest. I am confident, so I succeed; I can, I can. A hundred moves are worse than one. As long as you don't concede defeat, there is a chance!93. Despite the reality and cruelty of society, we must go down.If the enemy makes you angry, it means you are not sure to win him.59. A man who only fantasizes and does not act will never feel the joy of harvest.Remember: It is time to let go when the pain of persistence is greater than the pain of giving up.12. Master leads in, learning skills in themselves.{静态_随机英句92. There are things you don't necessarily see thoroughly at the time, we just have to wait and time will tell us the result.139. Genius is like this, and Mendeleev67. Don't leave yourself there, either waiting or confused. As long as you make up your mind, every day can be a new beginning. Morning!33. The road is rough and rough, and men are trained by the wind.

                      49. You can start doing what you want at any time. I hope you don't tie yourself with age or anything. Age is never a boundary unless you embarrass yourself.91. Although the bamboo shoots are tender, they are not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle, dare to rise to the point.25. Feel that you can and can not dot do it, one mind.31. Everyone has a scar in his heart, and time is the best remedy.It is not your talent but your attitude that determines the height of your life.91. The impossible may come true today, and the impossible may come true tomorrow.97. Every moment of neglect is your future.

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                    12. 01It is not your talent but your attitude that determines the height of your life.
                    13. 0225. Teachers and parents are pleased that you are motivated.
                    14. 038. great cause is accomplished not by strength, speed, and physical agility, but by the power of character, will, and knowledge.
                    15. 04Believe that you can, you will be full of energy.
                    16. 0563. You have much more fun in your hopes than in your future.
                    17. 0685. A private winner can destroy the public. Lin Chung
                    18. 0751. Do not worry about a vague future, but work for a clear present.
                    19. 0854. As long as you don't avoid and retreat, the applause of life will ring for you.
                    20. 0989. A man can achieve his purpose only if he pursues it strongly and persistently.
                    21. 10youdonotlearntothinkwhenyouareyoung,youmayneverlearn. if you don't learn to think when you' re young, you'll never.
                    22. 1167. You can't take ten steps when you jump; you ca n' t give up ten steps when you drive a horse. Xun
                    23. 12A climber on the summit will not be intoxicated with a footprint along the way.
                    24. 1355. The meaning of vitality lies in struggle, for the world itself is an arena.
                    25. 1464. A book-crazy person is a man of art, but a man of art is a man of good skill. Pu Songling
                    26. 1557. Take the time to study, start from an early age, not afraid of monotony and repetition, long-term accumulation of persistence, want not to succeed, also difficult.
                    27. 16He was still too young to know that the heart's memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good, and that thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past.
                    28. 17When people start to say you are crazy, you are not far from success
                    29. 1881. There are no two identical leaves in the world, and you are unique and unassuming. Morning!
                    30. 19If the enemy makes you angry, it means you are not sure to beat him; if a friend makes you angry, it means you still care about his friendship.
                    31. 2091. Persistence is the hardest, but the best!
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                    33. 01No matter how big the stage is, you will always be an audience. The platform is good, you do not participate, always an outsider. Ability again big, you do not act, can only see others succeed! No one will care how much effort you've made, whether you' re tired or not, whether it hurts or not, and they'll just see where you' re standing at last, then envy or disdain.
                    34. 02Don't worry too much about things. If you care too much, you' ll regret it!
                    35. 0381. Love yourself! Realize that you are important, beautiful and valuable. Once you realize your value, you don't have to rely on others to improve your value, and you do n' t force others to do what they say.
                    36. 0497. The most exhausting is often not the distance of the road, but the depression in your heart; the most decadent is often not the ups and downs of the future, but the loss of your confidence; the most painful is often not the misfortune of life, but the disillusionment of your hopes; the most desperate is often not the blow of frustration, but the death of your heart.
                    37. 0560. I am a little dust, but also heart to the sky.
                    38. 0682. Only by climbing to the top of the mountain can you see the distant scenery.
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                    40. 0844. Hard work should be a habit, not a whim, so that in the future you can be confident that what you get is never a fluke.
                    41. 094. live in the present, don't waste your present life in remembering the past or looking forward to the future.
                    42. 1085. Do not want to be able to jump thousands of miles, only hope to be able to move forward every day.
                    43. 1142. Chisel the wall and steal the light, gather the fireflies to make the bag; endure the to read, car Yin Kuang Heng. Xu Mingkui
                    44. 123. three keys to life: accept, change, leave. can't accept that change, ca n' t change, then leave. No matter when, no matter how the mood, do not expect all people can understand you, transpose thinking, life has too many imperfect, get calm, lost light, let nature!
                    45. 1388. Our life is to be reborn in a continuous setting.
                    46. 1462. A great man is great because when he is in adversity with others, others lose faith, but he is determined to achieve his goals.
                    47. 15A man's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.
                    48. 1672. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.
                    49. 17:| Current Position: Proverbs >> short life maxims that inspire oneself
                    50. 1883. If you think you're still young and can waste time, you' ll end up doing nothing and sighing.
                    51. 1912. The fool monitors the mind with the body, and the wise with the mind.
                    52. 2046. Be a man above him; be a man under him.
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