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                12. even


                  56. Determination is the beginning of success.

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                13. lose


                  54. A river is able to reach its destination because it knows how to avoid obstacles.

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                14. failure


                  13. Anyone who misses will leave is a passer-by. May you down-to-earth, also wish you look up to the stars, the past does not turn back, the future will not!

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                15. happy


                  96. There is never a shortcut to life, but a down-to-earth approach.

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                16. just


                  :>> positive mental energy positive motivational sentences

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                17. success


                  1. don't worry about the vague future, just work for the clear present.

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                18. life


                  :|>> the Inspirational Sentences of Youth

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                19. know


                  Don't be angry, do n' t be angry, don't be broken, do n' t be jealous, appreciate, don't be positive, do n' t be moved.

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                20. than


                  88. Those who walk only on concrete ground will never leave deep footprints.

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                21. Happiness


                  Never give up what you really want. It's hard to wait, but more regretful.

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                22. beautiful


                  Life needs four kinds of people: the famous teacher guides the way, the noble person helps, the relative support, the small person stimulates. When fate wants you to grow up, there are always people or things that make you unhappy. This is the rule.

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                23. brilliant


                  50. Those who are not prepared are those who are prepared to fail! find the good in any suffering!

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                24. Cherish


                  :|>> inspirational talk to yourself

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                25. only


                  81. Whenever you start, it is important not to stop after the start.

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                26. first


                  18. The character of the sea waves is that they are crushed by the rocks and thrown at them.

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                27. cause


                  22. Unheeded, firm and persistent. When ten thousand people envy, the heart is like water.

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                28. smile


                  44. Don't play with your life now. Do n' t play with your life now.

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                29. self


                  35. Before correcting others, reflect on your mistakes.

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                30. emotions

                  98. In the current era of the Big Bang of knowledge, who does not continue to learn, who will be eliminated by society, only by constantly charging themselves, can be invincible in the competition.

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                31. elevates


                  103. On the peak of a cause, a stream of sweat flies; in the pearl of wisdom, there is a flash of hard work.

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                33. 01Time :2019-10-2319:57 Source: Click: Numbe
                34. 02It doesn't matter how slow the pace is, as long as you are walking, you will always see progress.
                35. 0310. There is no end to struggle, and every time is a starting point.
                36. 048. the value of people, in the moment of being tempted to be determined.
                37. 05Remember that you live not for others, but for yourself.
                38. 0649. If the years are quiet, take care of yourself; if time is dark, experience more. The most confused thing in life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself. No give up, how can have; do not keep lonely, do not see prosperity. Once again beautiful, but a piece of empty talk; the foot is difficult, but straight to tomorrow. Fate to give you, no matter how good or bad, all need to seriously face calm response, regret cluster is called life, defects occasionally is true
                39. 0750. A man who knows how to give up, a man who knows how to sacrifice, a man who is happy knows how to transcend. For those who do not love themselves, the most needed is understanding, giving up and blessing, too much self-affection is begging each other's alms. Love and being loved are happy things, don't let these become pain.
                40. 081. no matter how steep the mountains, always leave a way to climb for those who do not fear the difficulties.
                41. 0982. Find ways to succeed, not excuses for failure.
                42. 1065. Behind the clouds were still bright sunny days.
                43. 1157. In order not to leave behind regret and regret in life, we should seize every opportunity to change life as much as possible.
                44. 1226. Take time to see people. Time is the examiner who exposes the essence.
                45. 1335. After the baptism of fire, mud will also have a strong body.
                46. 1423. Conquer yourself and you can conquer everything.
                47. 1541. There is no waiting for the good, only spell out the happiness.
                48. 1619. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easily concealed by habit, blurred by time and eroded by inertia.
                49. 1757. Fate is in its own hands. Either you harness life or life harness you, and your mindset determines whether you ride or ride.
                50. 1883. I pounced on books like a hungry man on bread. Golgi
                51. 1970. Living with love makes you happy! Work with love, you will make many people happy!
                52. 2067. Reading is best done by reading through reading. -- Zheng Banqiao
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                54. 0173. In our world, we never give a medal to a sad laggard.
                55. 0287. All victories are insignificant compared to those of conquering oneself. All failures, compared to the loss of their own failure, is even more insignificant.
                56. 0362.When you hold your hands of sand, you will never get the pearl on the ground.
                57. 0477.You are not the luckiest person in the world, and no one will take care of you, so don't expect to daydream. What you get on your own is the most reliable and real, so try.
                58. 0526. The feet of struggle open up a path of creation when they break their own hotbeds.
                59. 0634. With less pre-determined expectations, that caring for people is more comfortable.
                60. 0760. Reduce the amount of time spent spend living in and being close to nature.
                61. 0893. The failure of most people begins with doubts about their ability to do what they want.
                62. 09Night comes, is one of the most vulnerable, when the mind is also thinking of the most crazy time. In fact, a person is not alone miss when a person is really alone.
                63. 1067. The most beautiful love, don't call heaven and earth, just ignore each other.
                64. 1134. The impossible may come true today, and the impossible may come true tomorrow.
                65. 127. you can get the world with love, you can lose the world with hate.
                66. 1391. Zhijian Zhida believes in success. The end of failure is success.
                67. 1448.A man can not remember a grudge; a chronicle can increase knowledge; a grudge can increase annoyance.
                68. 1539.Who regards ease as the flower of happiness, then when the time comes, he can only look at the empty branches sigh.
                69. 16In the end you can be what you believe. Because the world's most terrible two words, one called persistence, one called serious, serious people change themselves, persistent people change fate, do not expect sudden good luck, only hope that all efforts will eventually be rewarded.
                70. 1793. All human suffering is essentially anger at his incompetence!
                71. 1841. Life is a one-way street, a path that can only go backward or reverse.
                72. 1987. Take the time to study, start from an early age, not afraid of monotony and repetition, long-term accumulation of persistence, want not to succeed, also difficult.
                73. 2011. Self-improvement, whether external image, or inner self-cultivation; self-improvement, whether it is the perfection of character, or the improvement of ability; self-improvement, whether it is the cultivation of mentality, or the training of will, can shorten the distance between you and success. Rise in the encounter, rebirth in the desperate situation, improve themselves, and strive to move forward.
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