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                    11. 91. If used well, books are the best; if abused, they are the worst. Emerson

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                      BirdsLife is sweet or bitter, but not tasteless. You can win or fail, but you can't give in.48. Diligence can make up for the deficiency of intelligence, but cleverness can not make up for the defect of laziness.15. If you don't limit yourself, there are no barriers in your life that limit your performance.When you stop trying, you fail.

                      32. The road of life will not be smooth sailing, the journey of career is also full of rugged and difficult, only struggle, only struggle, will reach the other side of success.

                      68. The beauty and value of youth lies in its innocence and immaculateness, in its availability and invisibility, in its never return.85. What kind of person you care about determines what kind of world you will see.33. Those who know are not as good as those who know. Those who are good are not as happy as those who are happy. Confucius15. In fact, losing is not terrible, the terrible thing is that losing can not muster the courage to face the world.22. If you think you're still young and can waste time, you' ll end up doing nothing and sighing.19. Sometimes the question is complex and the answer is simple. Play with life, don't be too serious, anyway, no one can live to leave the game. Life is like a stage, without the curtain call, never know how wonderful they are.Successful people do what others do not want to do, do what others dare to do, do what others can not do!81. Contradictions are ubiquitous, with contradictions, and it is important to face the reality and resolve them. If you just worry about it, you will find trouble, create pain, only hurt feelings, and even form enemies.33. Less pre-determined expectations make it easier to care for people.

                      16. Open your eyes and slow down; get up quickly and stretch; smile and a good day begins again. Good morning, I wish you a good mood today, smooth work, sweet life!6. if there is a shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunshine behind you.93. If you don't walk, you ca n' t go up the fence; if you don't walk, you ca n' t go up the mountain.Please don't let go of your dream sooner or later it will shine in your hand.23. Only those who are confident can feel confident and immerse themselves in life their will.Trust you, you'll be alive.31. In the eyes of the strong, there is no best but better.63. The mountain will fall, the water will flow, on their own will never fall.86. Passion, it is the wind that fills the sails. The wind sometimes breaks the sail; but without it the sailboat can not sail.As long as 3. are right, they are not afraid of the distant, as long as they think it is worth it, they will continue to work, efforts will have results, good morning!45. Believe in yourself, the scenery all the way song, the beauty of life, is here.39. The good ideas are a lot of money, and the real price is the people who can realize them.


                      94. When afraid, focus on what must be done, and if thoroughly prepared, do not fear.Life is like a big pot, when you go to the bottom of the pot, as long as you are willing to work hard, no matter which direction, are up this is our firm belief!83. Keep in mind that every day is the best day of the year.34. The quickest and surest way to conquer fear and build self-confidence is to do what you fear until you have a successful experience.24. Be bold and show yourself that others have no reason to despise you.4. smile is an attitude, running is a posture, this is a positive life indispensable look!{静态_随机英句88. Why should one try hard? Try not to worry about your wallet, not to mention someone else's face, when you see what you like. It's not about your gender, it's about being single, it's about being independent.51. I don't understand why I care so much about other people's opinions. It's just boring people's pastime. If you don't eat other people's food, don't take other people's words too seriously.1. will only fantasize and not act, never realize the joy of harvest fruit.53.If you look up to yourself first, others will look up to you.

                      27. The road to success is full of thorns, and hard battles can only succeed.66. The last thing caught off guard was because of the ease with which he had been.25. There is no free lunch in the world, and all success depends on one's own efforts. Opportunities need to be grasped and created.125. Take what your predecessors have done and move on.3. the weak will complain, the strong will always find a way!38. To die is to be wise; to live is to live.13. Life is like flowing water, these unhappy things will always pass, if doomed to live like this, no matter how unhappy it is useless.

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                    12. 0131. Learning and progress can only be achieved by bravely acknowledging what you do not know. Courage is just a step beyond fear. Most people who complain that they have no chance do not have the courage to take risks.
                    13. 0256.If you have a path, why ask how long it will take
                    14. 03Short inspirational sentences with positive sunlight energy
                    15. 0485. Life always makes us all bruised, but later on, those injured places will surely become our strongest.
                    16. 05Life is not a one-way street. You can turn if you can't walk a road.
                    17. 0675. Nothing can be done without a hand. As long as you want to go, there will be a way everywhere. Don't see good, because you did not insist on going on, life is in action, hesitant, might as well take a small step. Morning!
                    18. 079. mountain peak low, the road from the foot.
                    19. 08I don't deserve to be tired now because I have nothing.
                    20. 0965. Behind the clouds were still bright sunny days.
                    21. 1071. If you step ahead of victory, you will often embrace defeat; if you persist in times of difficulty, you will often achieve new successes.
                    22. 11Don't think of it too much because the heart only punches. If you are right and wrong, you will not be right. Many people are busy every day, nothing, that is, too much attention to trivial details. Rice fruit belly, sand can cover the house, but the two mixed together, no value. Be a man, be a man, be a man. Morning!
                    23. 129. life does not believe in tears, want to survive to struggle.
                    24. 13100. Life is hard and hard. Zhang Heng
                    25. 1427. If you want to succeed, remember: Legacy is zero, honesty first, study second, courtesy third, assiduous fourth, shrewd fifth.
                    26. 1584. The plum blossom opens in the cold.
                    27. 1661. One today is better than two tomorrows.
                    28. 1783. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and realizing it is an ability.
                    29. 1823. Wisdom comes from diligence, and genius from accumulation. Hua Lu Geng
                    30. 1932. A man who can look at things from the perspective of others and understand the activities of others never has to worry about his future.
                    31. 2058. People always cherish what they have not got and forget what they have.
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                    33. 016. is not particularly lucky, then please make a special effort, do not because of laziness and failure, but also pretentious to blame their own bad luck.
                    34. 02:>> encourage people, encourage text messages
                    35. 032. successful people learn from others, and those who fail learn from themselves.
                    36. 04If 8. don't want to do something, do n' t want to get anywhere in the world.
                    37. 05The power of love is so great that one can forget everything, but so small that one can not hold a grain of jealous sand.
                    38. 06What you waste today is the tomorrow that the people who died yesterday expect; what you dislike now is the future you can not go back to.
                    39. 071. big thing, to tomorrow is small, deep pain, the past will forget it, even if the world has abandoned you, you still have to firmly forward, because, you are their greatest strength.
                    40. 08It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, but our choices.
                    41. 0945. It is through one's own efforts that everyone decides the way they live.
                    42. 1091. The process of shaping yourself hurts, but trust that you will reap a better self.
                    43. 1187. You are always like this, while anxious to worry about the future, while the big side of the waste of life, most afraid of life mediocrity, but also comfort their ordinary valuable!
                    44. 1216. Each type of trauma is mature.
                    45. 1384. A man should turn things around.
                    46. 1461. Although the shell is dead, it leaves its beauty to the whole world.
                    47. 1599. The mind is like a mirror, but the mirror does not turn, although the scene is constantly changing, this is a normal mind, can turn the scene and the heart does not turn.
                    48. 1629. Patience is superior to brains.
                    49. 1747. Don't be sad even if you do n' t get it. In this world, nothing can fool the end, who is good or bad, sooner or later will understand. As long as you have a clear conscience, even if you don't get anything, value too much.
                    50. 1839. Let's change our prior worries into prior thinking and planning.
                    51. 1964. Laugh often and learn to call younger people in order to stay young.
                    52. 2073. Always in the first youth squander the life of the years, always in the last time to recall the initial slack, time is gone, life is no longer spent, may you cherish life, cherish time!
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