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        11. 51. Only the pain in the struggle can move the successful self.

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          Goals6. those who are the most capable are those who, even in the most desperate circumstances, continue to transmit ideas of success. They not only inspire themselves, but also inspire others, not to achieve success, vows not to stop. Antoni Robbin10. When reality meets a bottleneck, dreams are seen. Remember, the lover wins.70. Tomorrow is tomorrow, and tomorrow is so much. I am born to tomorrow, and everything is wasted. Wen Jia's Song of Tomorrow80. Friends often think of, is to care in the heart, attention in the eye; friends are accompanied by a period of life, hand in hand to spend one evening after another; friends are to think of time add joy, remember more gentle in time.

          :|>> self-motivated sentences to be short and overbearing

          33. Winners often succeed in the last five minutes. Newton52. Time goes by and people come and go. Don't miss opportunities and tell them what it means in your life.89. The loss of money can be recovered, and the loss of credibility is difficult to recover.33. Suffering is a disguised blessing.8. put down the pressure, tired and not tired depends on the state of mind; put down worry, happiness is actually very simple; put down the inferiority complex, struggle to change fate; put down complaints, rather than complain, it is better to work hard; put down laziness, dare to fight will win; put down narrow, wide heart, heaven and earth will be wide!99. You know how to bow your head.20. Don't squeeze into a world you ca n' t squeeze in. Why bother others to be mean to yourself.51. On the couch, let no one snore.49. Action is the cure for fear, and procrastination nourishes it.

          185. Suffering and suffering, death and death!31. Obstacles and failures are the surest stepping stones to success, and studying and using them, success can be nurtured from failure.12. True love should transcend the length of life, the intensity of the soul, and the depth of the soul.23. Love is the only way to win. It is fearless. We are not afraid of pain, we are not afraid of the difficulties ahead. Even the storm ahead, thunder and lightning. We also want to fearless, smiling down. Because we will see a beautiful world, only the fearless can see. It is the heaven of the fearless.65. It has been said that as big as the heart is, so big is the stage. As long as we think about it, say to ourselves, I can, I will. Dare to face their own shortcomings, beyond their own pattern, bear the failure, absorb mistakes, start again. If you fail, never recover, then you can only sigh, regret life.19. Pay, there is not necessarily harvest; do not pay, but there must be no harvest, do not expect miracles.71. Take a small start and a big lead in life.77. I would rather run up and be beaten down countless times than walk a lifetime. Even if fall also want heroic smile.50. To live a day is to be blessed and to be cherished. When I cried I had no shoes to wear, I found someone without feet.5. bring sunshine to other people's lives, they also enjoy sunshine.72. The seeds of resilience never sing a curse to barren soil.56. It was only when the waterfall crossed the steep and steep wall that it became particularly spectacular.


          61. The more one experiences, the more one thinks. The more excellent the harder, the root cause of this phenomenon is that good people can always see better than themselves, and mediocre people can always see worse than themselves. When you really try, you'll find yourself a lot better than you thought. Remember one sentence: the harder, the luckier!90. April showers bring May flowers.25. Choice is more important than effort, attitude more important than ability, position more important than strength.56. Action is the cure for fear, and hesitation and procrastination nourish it.51. Stick to our inner dreams, even if reality stops them, take the courage to move forward and fight for them. Adhere to their dreams, persevere, never give up. For their dreams into more action, believe in themselves, you can do it!You're not afraid to die. Why are you afraid to live?{静态_随机英句84.Life with love makes you happy! Work with love, you will make many people happy!12. A positive person sees an opportunity in every suffering, while a negative person sees a certain suffering in every opportunity.Human life is long, we always meet and leave between wandering. With the passage of time, there are some people come and go; some people stay and go; however, we all want to know how to cherish every encounter, cherish all the footprints in life.45.Life with love makes you happy! Work with love, you will make many people happy!

          Let me walk through this wonderful time with your little hand.4. you think you can't make it, you' ll share it with others one day. Maybe this is growth.52. It was only when the waterfall crossed the steep and steep wall that it became particularly spectacular.93. There is no end ahead, and hope is at the corner.80. The waves are a farewell to the ship that cuts the wind and waves, and a funeral for the light boat that follows the tide.83. When you can't do great things, please hold on to ordinary happiness; when you ca n' t make yourself brilliant, please keep a constant smile.

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        12. 0157. The past is gone forever, and there is no need for remorse. The future is still out of reach, no matter how worry is also empty sad. Today's heart, today's events and present people are real, but also feel good.
        13. 0230. Busyness is a kind of happiness that leaves us no time to experience pain; running around is a kind of happiness that makes us feel life truly; exhaustion is a kind of enjoyment that makes us feel empty.
        14. 03Don't think of it too much because the heart only punches. If you are right and wrong, you will not be right. Many people are busy every day, nothing, that is, too much attention to trivial details. Rice fruit belly, sand can cover the house, but the two mixed together, no value. Be a man, be a man, be a man. Morning!
        15. 04We must take all of ours for what we don't have.
        16. 0527. Failure is the last test of tenacity.
        17. 0677. It is dawn to tread the rough roads, to push down the obstacles and to make the bridges.
        18. 0773. Life is a circle, some people walk a lifetime did not go out of the circle drawn by fate, in fact, every point on the circle has a soaring tangent.
        19. 08Your life may not be what you want, but it's definitely what you want.
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        21. 1029. I believe that all dreams, is a life full of responsibility and success, when you have no conditions to free choice, please remember that dreams in our next step, do every little thing, do something different, we will approach the dream.
        22. 11Never blame what has happened to you, either change it or accept it quietly.
        23. 12It is not useless, it is useless.
        24. 1375. Make progress.
        25. 14184. It is better to have blood flowing than to lose one.
        26. 1518. Beauty belongs to the self-confident, opportunity belongs to the pioneer, miracle belongs to the persistent! If you don't want to do it, you always find an excuse; if you want to do it well, you always find a way!
        27. 1615. The character of the sea waves is that they are crushed and flopped upon by the rocks.
        28. 171. the spring of the mountain stream through the twists and turns before singing a wonderful song.
        29. 18The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, make them.
        30. 1977. Do not seek to do best, but do better.
        31. 2026. If a well is to be dug, it is necessary to dig until the water comes out.
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        33. 0141. The reward of life is far from the end of the journey, not near the beginning. I don't know how many steps it takes to reach the goal, and when it comes to the first thousand steps, it can still fail. But I will not give up, I will persevere until success!
        34. 025. we live, how many dreams we can not achieve, how many goals we can not achieve. When we look up at these unrealized dreams and at these unattainable goals, we should look at our failures with a common mind. Can not be satisfactory, but to be worthy of my heart.
        35. 0322. The loss of money can be recovered, and the loss of credibility is difficult to recover.
        36. 0445. Opportunities do not come to you voluntarily; you must show yourself.
        37. 0518. Successful people learn from the experience of others, while ordinary people learn from their own.
        38. 0643. Wave the sea gull bird, look at my chest cloud dream, how about mustard? Chu Yue idle ears, liver and gallbladder have a storm.
        39. 0720. Master leads the way, learning skills in themselves.
        40. 08If you do something, do it well. If you can't or wo n' t do it, it's better not to do it.
        41. 099. mountain peak low, the road from the foot.
        42. 1071. Remember what to remember and forget what to forget. Change can change, accept can not change.
        43. 1149. The waterfall was fearless of the cliff, so it sang a magnificent song of life.
        44. 12Seriousness is the secret of success, and carelessness is the partner of failure.
        45. 1325. No education can afford adversity.
        46. 14:|>> a simple sentence Good morning
        47. 1530. The world is not just about learning to get used to it.
        48. 1618. A little more effort will a little more success.
        49. 17Start with a grateful heart, learn to love, love parents, love yourself, love friends, love others.
        50. 18If life doesn't spoil you, be kind to yourself. This life, wind and rain, is to meet the best of their own.
        51. 1916. Poverty creates masculinity.
        52. 2016. There is only one reason why you are confused, think too much and do too little, don't forget, only action can make a person.
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