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              11. 45. The road to success may be different for everyone, but I believe that success requires everyone who wants to succeed to work hard and struggle, and every road to success is full of ups and downs, only those who believe in their own goals, continuous efforts, continuous struggle, can achieve ultimate success. But one thing I always believe is that when you can move yourself to cry, you succeed!

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                contested49. It is not the circumstances that make a person, but the circumstances that man.3. do useful things, say positive energy words, think good things, sleep well. take time on progress rather than complaining.The only way to be happy is to cherish what you have now and forget what you don't have!36. From time to time, all achievements and achievements towards mankind are the result of hard work and down-to-earth. Money Three

                43. There is only one way to succeed: to prepare, to prepare, to prepare.

                16. Take others too seriously and turn out to be nothing to others.100. In despair, the light of hope is always there.59. The mountain will fall, the water will flow, on their own will never fall.41. Rain is the dream of clouds, clouds are the past life of rain.15. If you don't run a kilometer at ordinary times, it will be difficult to run a 100-meter sprint.27. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.My career is in China, my achievements are in China, and my destination is in China. Qian Xuesen29. No one walks his own way, either bumping into others or being hit by others.51. Ability is practiced, potential is forced, habits are nurtured, and success comes out step by step.

                88. Only short-term happiness is achieved by focusing on immediate interests; goals are high, but reality must be faced. Combining ideals with reality makes it possible to succeed.146. If you want money, you must work hard; if you want beauty, you must maintain it; if you want to be wise, you must study hard; if you want to have many friends, you must be generous and enthusiastic. Whatever you want, go for it.76. Through the ups and downs of life, can enrich their own experience, understand the true meaning of life.54. It is better to dress up the body with wealth than to beautify the mind with morality.28. Life only comes out of beauty, not out of glory.27. Each person will encounter difficulties, setbacks and failures in his or her studies. Different attitudes are the difference between the successful and the ordinary.82. Life is a journey, both uphill and downhill. I don't care whether the end of the slope or the bottom of the valley, only care about the scenery along the road beautiful and full of vitality!29. In the river of sweat, the strivers sail the boat of the cause to the other side of the ideal.17. The height reached by the garbage is the same as by the gold.72. Life is far less bitter than coffee, and the key is how people who drink it taste! Everyone likes and yearns for the life that wants to do whatever they want.44. Seeds can never germinate and grow without the struggle of strong earth; they can not reach the ideal shore without rain, snow, cold and cold, wind and misery; they can float your ideal sail with their industrious hands.83. The combination of all the good feelings in the world is not worth a noble act.63. When you stop worrying about yesterday, it's when you start to be happy.


                72. Life is like a road, with ups and downs downs, there are flat; in the process of growth, will not be smooth, sometimes fall, sometimes do not fall, but always go on.23. None of us are children of God. We are children of dreams.112. No animal is more diligent than an ant, yet it is most reticent. Franklin Franklin89. It is better to admire others with pride than to admire yourself! Do not look up to others, they are a beautiful landscape!38. After years of sharpening, everyone may have a pair of sparkling wings, in their own years into a cocoon into a butterfly.Don't forget to take the stairs when you ca n' t jump from the first floor to the third floor. To remember that great success is often not accomplished overnight, you must learn to break down your goals and gradually implement them.{静态_随机英句There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning. 31. There is no one in the world who is brave enough to pursue success. Napoleon I81. When a man has a dream to fly, there is no reason, there is no reason not to stand up.139. As for what will happen in the future, it is only to go on to know that, anyway, the road is still very long and it will always be bright.

                23. Life is not long but good, as long as every effort to demonstrate, are worthy of encouragement and applause.85. Complaining is useless. Everything is on your own.97. When others begin to say you are crazy, you are not far from success.85. If you succeed in choosing labor and infusing your whole mind into it, happiness itself will find you.62. A great man is great because when he is in adversity with others, others lose faith, but he is determined to achieve his goals.36. Life is not a difficult thing, but a carving.you'regoodtoothers,youarebesttoyourself. be kind to others is the most kind to yourself.

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              12. 0135. Refusing severe smelting is no more valuable than it was before it was excavated.
              13. 0257. One more fight today and a few more laughs tomorrow.
              14. 0351. Cherish time, cherish all things around, everything is always relative, you cherish it, it will also return to you, cherish the time of success will wait for you on the other side.
              15. 0423. The fact that someone can make you miserable means that your practice is not enough.
              16. 05Miracle is just another name for effort. May opportunity always be in your favor.
              17. 0613. You can do what others can.
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              20. 092. life is the process of life. How can there be no wind, no rain? It is because of the baptism of wind and rain to see the colorful rainbow; with the pain of failure will taste the joy of success.
              21. 1030. No one will pay for your future, and you either try to climb up or rot in the bottom of society, which is life.
              22. 119. the foot force of climbing the top of the mountain, born in the desire for a thousand miles of purpose and less than the will of the Great Wall is not a hero.
              23. 12Nobody can deny you except yourself.
              24. 1313. Life is like flowing water, these unhappy things will always pass, if doomed to live like this, no matter how unhappy it is useless.
              25. 1471. Failure results from neglect of detail, and success begins with the importance of small things.
              26. 15judgesbestofaman,hisenemiesorhimself? Who can best judge a man, his enemy or himself?
              27. 1644. All great actions and ideas have a trivial beginning.
              28. 171. difficulty is like a spring, you weak it is strong, you strong it is weak.
              29. 1837. Learn to understand, because only understanding others, will be understood by others; learn to endure, because things have become reality can not change themselves; learn tolerance, because life who can never live, no one is perfect; learn to say no, because can not do things do not force, do what they can.
              30. 19As long as the road is right, it is not afraid to go far.
              31. 2059. The only way to go is through the road you want.
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              33. 0123. Wisdom comes from diligence, and genius from accumulation. Hua Lu Geng
              34. 0272. No matter how great the talent is, if there is a lack of enthusiasm, it is no different from painting cakes on paper to appease hunger.
              35. 0330. You can experience life more fully when you realize that you decide your future. When you don't blame others for your failures or timidity, you will lay the foundation for a successful future.
              36. 0495. The questioning of others is the driving force of my progress, and one day I can prove myself.
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              38. 06When you feel sad and miserable, it is better to learn something. Learning will make you invincible forever.
              39. 0799. Don't give up; you must be worthy of your own ambition and live up to your suffering.
              40. 0846. Life is pain, and it is thought and philosophy that elevates it.
              41. 0916. No matter how big the stage is, you will always be an audience; no matter how good the platform is, you will never be an outsider; no matter how big the ability is, you will not act, you will only see others succeed. Only those who participate, work and struggle will reap!
              42. 10To lose your temper is to show that your wisdom is not enough to solve the problems you face.
              43. 1131. Life is pain, and it is thought and philosophy that elevates it.
              44. 1240. There are obstacles before, struggling to wash it away, the use of hot passion, turn the heart of the expectation, blood surging, sweat is what.
              45. 1369. Efforts to develop upward, so that the curved bamboo whip into a straight bamboo.
              46. 1464. The shadow is watched in the light, and the light is seen in the shadow.
              47. 1550. As you get more and more beautiful, someone naturally pays attention to you. When you become more and more capable, someone will naturally look up to you. Laziness can destroy a person, diligence can inspire a person! Don't wait for the sunset to say to yourself, think of the beginning, if, if, and so on! Not for others, just to be a person who even envy himself.
              48. 1619. Great things must be done in detail, and difficult things must be done in the world.
              49. 1713. Opportunities are open only to enterprising people.
              50. 1821. People who are capable influence others, those who are incapable are affected.
              51. 1962. The top rotates with a whip.
              52. 2046. Diligence is the code of your life, which translates into a magnificent epic.
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