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                          55. Use your intelligence and wisdom to create, and you will have a great future!

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                        13. life


                          100 Good sentences from friends

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                        14. ambition


                          1. study with concentration and concentration. Even if you have a high IQ and good teacher, but if you learn two-minded, it is nothing.

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                        15. people


                          78. Whenever you start, it is important not to stop after the start.

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                        16. enough


                          88. Wise men do not trust vague things.

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                        17. hopes


                          42. Achievement is not the end, but rather the beginning of the next effort. Only those who are always eager to climb to a higher level, and willing to pay down-to-earth for it, can maximize their potential. This period of unceasing course, is the interesting life.

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                        18. Very


                          57. Enterprising writes the song of struggle and hope with sweat.

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                        19. asset


                          8. do exactly what the winner does.

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                        20. Having


                          It's necessary to have a good time with your boss, but aim at it.

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                        21. fear


                          7. climb to the highest level, you will suddenly find that the scenery there is actually you are common.

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                        22. today


                          Never put yourself in a position in someone else's life where you are not sure.

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                        23. full


                          :|>> short inspirational quote

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                        24. going


                          A telescope can see a distant target, but it can not take half a step instead of you.

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                        25. umbrella


                          31. Life is beautiful for some people, who struggle for a purpose all their lives.

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                        26. want


                          Perseverance is a key element of success, and if you knock on the door long enough to be loud enough, you will wake up.

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                        27. point


                          59. Hunger without eating, folly without reading.

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                        28. jealous


                          83. Of the easiest things in the world, procrastination is the least laborious.

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                        29. earn


                          6. is at a low point, all the way up.

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                        30. suffering


                          Hate a person does not need to offend him, when you really can not bear to burst, think about the cost-benefit ratio, their own offending this person will have what consequences, and what benefits.

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                        31. world


                          life motto inspirational motto short

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                        33. 0185. If the test paper before the score can be held steadily, after the score will not fail.
                        34. 0261. Let's change our pre-existing worries thinking and planning.
                        35. 0390. A man always cherishes what he has not got and forgets what he has.
                        36. 0478. Don't wait until the twilight of life to think of picking up flowers, and do and cherish. Everything in life can be summed up in three words: will pass.
                        37. 053. don't chase, never have. Don't go forward, stay where you are forever.
                        38. 0628. Only by savoring the pain can we cherish the happiness that has been neglected; only by experiencing the ordinary can we collect the happiness that was discarded at the beginning.
                        39. 0743. Everyone has a brain, but not everyone has wisdom; everyone has eyes, but not everyone has a vision; everyone has hands, but not everyone can seize opportunities; everyone has opportunities, but not everyone has the courage to pursue dreams; opportunities are always prepared for those who have wisdom, vision, and courage.
                        40. 0892. It doesn't matter where you stand now. What matters is where you move?
                        41. 0927. The meaning of labour lies not only in the pursuit of performance, but also in the improvement of the human mind.
                        42. 1092. It is better to retreat than to close the net.
                        43. 1147. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.
                        44. 12Don't stop until you die.
                        45. 1336. Have, to cherish, to be content; be a person must have a common mind, superficial envy, boring comparison, clumsy imitation, will only let themselves live in the shadow of others all day. We should recognize ourselves, find our own place, follow our own path and live our own lives.
                        46. 14Tell yourself: I can do it.
                        47. 15If you look up to yourself first, others will look up to you.
                        48. 16Do your best and listen to the destiny. Worthy of heart, not confused with feelings. Follow the trend and be at ease. If you know your mistakes, you will be lost. In like their own people on the heart, in do not like their own people forget. That's a good life.
                        49. 1775. I always thought that people grow old slowly, but in fact, people grow old for a moment.
                        50. 18You are a sensible child.
                        51. 1967. Sometimes I even believe that only broken things are beautiful.
                        52. 2074. Some opportunities, for instant hesitation, pass by; some fate, for a moment willful, between fingers slip; some feelings, for a moment impulse, regret life; all things cherish not easy to give up, willing to taste pleasure perfect life.
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                        54. 0157. There is only one way not to choose the way to give up; there is only one way not to reject the way to grow.
                        55. 0264. A person when a little more effort, in order to make their love less conditions, a little more pure.
                        56. 0340. Time is a constant but also a variable. Diligent people are infinite, lazy people are infinite. Words are strict
                        57. 0498. It is you who suffer not to forgive and not to forgive.
                        58. 0557. You always like this, while anxious to worry about the future, while the big side of the waste of life, most afraid of life mediocrity, but also comfort their ordinary valuable!
                        59. 06I will not be afflicted at men's not knowing me; I will be afflicted that I do not know men.
                        60. 0737. You will gain a lot by looking at things in a normal way and looking at people in a realistic way.
                        61. 0832. When a boss makes a verbal promise, he may not want to give it to you in the bottom of his heart, but he is using your stopgap, hoping to use the promise to deceive you to do things, to use your purpose.
                        62. 0916. If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.
                        63. 1094. Where you fall, where you rise.
                        64. 11A profound philosophy of life
                        65. 126. is good at communicating with others and moderately adopting others' opinions.
                        66. 13
                        67. 14
                        68. 1584. The most effective capital is our credibility, which works for us every hour.
                        69. 1691. Why do you put poison in the same bottle? The same psychology, why should you be full of trouble?
                        70. 1740. Continuous efforts, constantly close to the dream, the more frustrated the more brave, eat the bitter and sour, can resist the cold winter, but also embrace spring, this is called life.
                        71. 18Those who study hard always feel that time passes too fast; those who are lazy always complain that time runs too slowly!
                        72. 1967.Don't think people talk to you for a few days, people are interested in you, maybe people want to find you because of boredom.
                        73. 20192. Genius is developed by the love of the cause. It can be said that genius , by its very nature, is nothing more than a love of the.
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