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          11. 91. Low-key, trade-off, there must be gains and losses.

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            life121. Time is fair to everyone. We should seize the time and try our best to grasp every in today as much as possible to do practical things, so that today's work efficiency greatly improved.47. A man is capable of believing in him.40. Time is a constant but also a variable. Diligent people are infinite, lazy people are infinite. Words are strictDon't let the future of you, hate the present self, confused everyone has, but success is only worthy of brave action.

            59. To be young and eager to learn is like the sun of sunrise; to be strong and eager to learn is like the light of the sun; to be old and eager to learn is like a candle. Liu Xiang

            Life is like a mirror. If you smile at her, she smiles at you.2. water releases energy when it touches the bottom. Goethe52. With the baptism of fire mud will also have a strong body.2. who knows his destination is the one who travels the farthest.37. The ribbon on the laurel is not made from the twirings of genius, but is woven from the threads of pain and suffering.100. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.You give me a tear, and I see all the sea in your heart.No matter how difficult it may be, keep your head up and tell everyone that you are not as vulnerable as they think.48. It is not the gods who can burn pottery, but those who have aspirations can always learn fine art.

            91. There is no difference between tragedy and comedy in the world. If you can come out of it, it is comedy, and if you sink into it, it is tragedy. If you just wait, what happens is that you get old. The meaning of life is not to take a good hand, but to play a good hand bad card.75. Efforts start today and success starts from scratch.60. The meaning of vitality lies in struggle, for the world itself is an arena.32. How many people have we heard about to succeed! Where the hell did they go? Hosepinne76. Luck is the chance that happens to hit your efforts.byfaryoushouldforgetandsmilethanthatyoushouldrememberandbesad. forget with a smile instead of sad memories.27. To achieve one's goals, one must be able to stand alone.97. The power to conquer heaven is only through hell. Only blood flowing fingers can pop the world's absolute singing.It's hard to love someone who does n' t love you, but it's even more painful to love someone and never have the courage to tell him.57. If the mind is at ease, it is in good times; if the mind is restless, it is in bad times; if the mind is at ease, it is in bad times; if the mind is in good times, it cares about one mind.7. the ribbon on the laurel was not made of genius fibers, but is woven with the thread of pain and suffering.36. A thousand people have a thousand ways of life and a thousand ways of life. If you want to change something, you must first find yourself.19. Those who fear their own suffering are already suffering from their own fears.


            45. If you are not well protected, it will be so cool that there is no weakness.63. Character determines destiny and chooses to change life.36. Try to indulge yourself, but always in too much bondage, according to the law of life is only a lost soul shell.You waste your time preparing your opponent for a victory over you.Child, hard work! Thank you for your collective work!15. Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future is uncertain, only today, is the best gift.{静态_随机英句Life is always very tired, you are not tired now, will be more tired later. Don't choose leisure at the age of struggle. Let ten years later you, thank you for trying not to give up now!6. suitable for their own, is the most classic, otherwise, everything is empty talk.100. Heaven rewards service. Maybe you don't pay back, but you do n' t pay back.Genius is a strong interest and a strong obsession. Tong Chiu

            75. Burying one's head and bending over one's head is all about striving up, not the lack of affection for the sun on the other.48. Attitude determines everything, strength and dignity! People should stand the temptation to endure loneliness!63. Strength and confidence is a tough sword, but also to the success of the boat ticket strength determines success or failure.3. follow flies will find toilets, follow bees will find flowers, follow millions to earn millions, follow beggars will beg!53. It is the heart that knows the cold and the heat that knows the heat; it is the eye that keeps the opposite; it is the love that does not give up; it is the love that lives the whole life.67. A self-satisfied mind can not hold more wisdom. Only by emptying the cup of the soul can we taste the precious tea in the world.As long as 3. can harvest sweet, thorns will also have bees busy figure.

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          12. 01If 5. mind is not like the sea, how can there be a sea-like cause.
          13. 0248. No one would like to be alone, but it makes people more secure than disappointment, desire, and the vertical and horizontal alternation of heat and cold.
          14. 0342. Nothing is the reason to fight.
          15. 0466. Meet, mood like white clouds fluttering; have, heart like rain and dew; miss, heart like quicksand raging. Looking back, you like blue quiet night Qing.
          16. 0524. The world doesn't care about your self-esteem, but requires you to achieve something before you feel good about yourself.
          17. 0625. In today's world!
          18. 0776. The glow of fireflies, though weak, is a challenge to darkness.
          19. 0871. The ideal path is always ready for the confident.
          20. 0910. It's hard to buy a thousand jins.
          21. 1075. No seed, no harvest; no toil, no success; no tribulation, no glory; no setback, no glory.
          22. 117. the secret of success in life is to seize a good opportunity when it comes.
          23. 1284. Overcoming difficulties, the brave do everything possible, and the cowardly feel helpless.
          24. 1397. The stage of life can be opened at any time, the key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.
          25. 144. is not afraid of long road, only afraid of short ambition.
          26. 1599. The waterfall is fearless of the cliff, so it sings a magnificent song of life.
          27. 1661. Not enough minks, dog tails. Jin Dynasty
          28. 17If you want to climb the peak, don't use the rainbow as a ladder.
          29. 1892. Not for poverty, not for cheap change.
          30. 197. only one way can not choose that is the way to give up; only one way can not refuse that is the way to grow.
          31. 204. people's activities without ideal inspiration will become empty and small.
          32. 茫然不解网三贞九烈网模棱两可网以人为鉴网披露腹心网

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          33. 0199. Learn to be happy, give yourself a bright; learn to be confident, give yourself a warm; learn to bear, let the heart understand strong. The scenery, because walk and beautiful; Life, because march and wonderful!
          34. 0247. Give life a dream, give a dream a road, give the road a direction, fall to learn to get up, hurt to learn to heal their own, life only out of the wonderful, no waiting out of the brilliant!
          35. 0323. Ambition and perseverance are the wings of the cause.
          36. 0444. Life must learn to save. If you work hard, you store a good harvest; if you work hard, you store a hope; if you smile, you store a joy. What you can withdraw depends on what you save.
          37. 0560. Your efforts, others do not necessarily take seriously, you do not work hard, others must be in the heart.
          38. 0663. Don't spend every day looking forward to the crown of success.
          39. 0786. Always seek advantage over others, not yourself.
          40. 0826. Time is an accurate calculator that records your efforts and efforts, measures your foundation and strength, and measures your weight and value. Hard work, years will not fail you.
          41. 0998. Those who have not failed may not have succeeded.
          42. 10Be kind to people you hate, because you might work for someone like that one day.
          43. 1116. Persistence is a manifestation of will. Athletes achieve excellent results with the spirit of persistence, and researchers create achievements after achievements with the spirit of persistence.
          44. 1243. Do not seek to compare with people, but to surpass themselves, to cry out tears of excitement, to laugh out the growth of character.
          45. 1337. The outlook on life determines one's pursuit of life; the world outlook determines one's state of mind; and values determine one's code of conduct.
          46. 1494. The success of ordinary people does not depend on talent, but on the extraordinary height of ordinary talent.
          47. 1588. On the road to life, everyone will encounter difficulties and setbacks, depending on whether you can overcome it. Victory, you are the hero, is the life of the strong.
          48. 1647. The greatest charm of a person is to have a sunny mentality.
          49. 173. be optimistic about failure, success will wave to you.
          50. 1863. In the eyes of the strong, there is no best but better.
          51. 1978. You have to believe that everything you meet in your life has its value and significance, that some teach you love, that some teach you to grow, that even if it is only a shallow mark on your journey, it is an invaluable asset. At least at some point, you know life, you know yourself.
          52. 20149. I am insignificant to the world, but to myself I am all.
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